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2021-12-9 : FIT sample booth at SIAL India
2021-11-27 FIT Markstudie : Interior Design in India
2021-11-23 : Congratulations to our BICC&I Scriptum Award Winners 2020 and 2021
2021/11/09 : FIT info, Coronavirus, the situation in India
2021-10-11 India Briefing Report : What is the future of 3rd party logistics (3PL) in India
2021-10-01 Dubai World Expo: Witness Openness - Opportunity -Growth at the Indian Pavilion
2021-10-01 Dubai World Expo: Connecting Minds, creating the Future@ the Belgian Pavilion
for students,  you can win 2 return tickets to India & 1000 euro cash with your scriptum about India.
Scriptum Award


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The Belgo-Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the network for your business with Belgium and India.

  • Virtual and physical trade shows in India : explore the possibilities on-line
NEW 18-22/1/22 HVAC-R India Virtual Expo 2022 NEW 19-21/1/22 Health-Beauty &Welness Expo 17-20/2/22 India Stone Mart 25-26/2/22 Prawaas 3.0 car&bus
30/12/2021 NTB
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  • 23/11/2021 BICC&I Catching the Indian Tiger & In Dialogue India Festival SEE THE PICTURES HERE
Minard Schouwburg : Access with Covid Safe Ticket
30/12/2021 NTB
BICC&I and Maghenta
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  • BICC&I is happy and proud to continue it's partnership with Flanders Investment & Trade
1/1/2022 NTB
BICC&I and Flanders Investment and Trade
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