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Context of the BICC&I & Emirates  Scriptum Award

Since 2006 BICC&I extended on a yearly basis the "BICC&I Scriptum Award" for the best contribution to bilateral socio-economic exchanges between Belgium, as a Gateway to Europe, and India.

A jury composed of professors and high level CEO’s decided on who will receive the Scriptum Award.

The winner was rewarded with 2 return tickets to India offered by our airline partner and 1000 euro in cash.

Winners 2006-2021
2006 - Mr. Henri Steyaert
Foreign Direct Investments in India: A case study     
K.U. Leuven - Prof. Piet Sercu

2007 - Ms. Karen Matthynssens
De toetreding van India tot de WTO en de internationale toegang tot geneesmiddelen
K.U. Leuven - Prof. E Schokkaert

2008 - Ms. Audrey Hanard
Credit Delivery to the unorganized sector in India: which role for informal finance? Solvay Business School (ULB) - Prof. Daniel Traca

2009 - Ms. Caroline Tytgadt
Challenges of ICT Offshore Outsourcing between Belgium and India
K.U. Leuven – Prof. Reinhilde Veugelers

2010 – Ms. Valérie Van Hoof
University College  Antwerp – Mr. Jef Persoons

2011 - Ms. Evelyne Gielen
Do international acquisitions by emerging-economic firms create shareholder value ?
The Case of Indian firms
Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel - Prof. Annabel Sels

2012 - Ms ivy Vanhileghem
"Microfinance, an impirical insight into the main challenges for SHG's in rural South India"
Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel - Prof. Dr. Bert D'Espallier

2013 - Mr. Mattias Bosman                                                                                                                          
"Indian IT-sector : determinants of internationalization"                                                                             
Lessius Hogeschool  - Prof. Filip De Beule

2014 : Ms. Claire Bosmans                                                                                                              
"Open spaces in Dharavi, thinking about slum improving"                                                          
Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve
Prof. Priscilla Ananian

2015 : Ms. Bea Vertongen 
"The Introduction and implementation of the Information Mapping Method into the Indian higher education market"
KU Leuven, Fac. Economie & Bedrijfswetenschappen , Campus Brussel
Promotor Prof. Chris Verschooten

2016 : Mr. Robert Mary
"Space policy of two emerging countries : a comparative analysis of India & China"
Université de Liège, Faculté de Droit, de Science politique et de Criminologie
Promotor : Prof. Olivier Dupont 

2017 : Ms. Eline Van Mieghem
"Acquisities verricht door BRIC-landen in West-Europa en de VS"
KU leuven,  faculty of economic sciences
Promotor : Prof. Filip De Beule

2018 : Ms. Camille Heylen
"Impact of the implementation of Andicos technology on the Ganges water quality : case study of Kanpur"
Promotor :  Prof. Ludo Diels   Ghent and Antwerp University

2019 : Ms. Kari Otteburn
"The elephant in the room : Indian business perceptions of the India-EU trade and investment agreement "
KULeuven, Centre for Global Governance Studies
Promotor : Prof. Axel Marx

2020 : Mr. Sim Deeren
"Quid pro quota, why indian protectionism should concern the EU"
Vives University College - Global Business Management
Promotor: Prof. Katrien Cattoor

2021 : Ms. Ellen Vermeulen
"The influence of institutional distance on the occurrence of Chinese and Indian acquisitions of EU28 targets"
KU Leuven, MBA Strategy, innovation & entrepreneurship
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Annabel Sels